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Bottled N°2

Second year in a row, our hand-made, garage wine production is reaching the bottles after a full eleven-months resting period in French oak barrels. Vintage 2013 promises great quality wine, this time both from Maule and Elqui Valley, with our new “InsTinto del Elqui” a blend based on a high altitude Syrah (over 1.100 meters above sea level) and a touch of Petit Sirah and Pink Moscatel that rested in in French oak barrels for over 14 months.

With slight differences in this vintage’s Maule blend, old Cab is taking a more prominent place (55%), accompanied by Syrah, Carmenere and Petit Verdot in only 4.594 bottles!

Given the complexity and elegance of the Maule blend, a few months of bottle-resting will take place before release. However, stronger-character insTinto del Elqui 2013 limited production of 1.711 bottles will be released soon… stay tuned!