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We are constantly searching for premium grapes throughout Chile that are handpicked and harvested at their optimum maturity, so they can express the best of each Valley.

Elqui Valley


The vines come from colluvial soils, above 1.100 meters over sea level. Semi-desertic climate, low humidity and great sun exposure (over 360 sunny days per year), produce extremely concentrated and intense fruit.

Colchagua Valley


The vines are planted mostly in hillsides of deep slope, surrounded by native forest. Poor and shallow soils force this Carmenere to ripe under hard conditions yet to produce round and amiable wines.

Maule Valley


The grapes come from the centenary Pozo Family Vineyards (planted back in 1905) located in the San Clemente area. There, Cabernet Sauvignon is greatly influenced by the Andes Mountains and those deep soils give rise to excellent quality grapes of very soft, elegant and rich acidity that we combine with other varieties coming from Melozal, a warmer area in the Valley.